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Welcome To Erdbeerland Funck

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Strawberry self picking  -  an adventure with the whole family


Come and see for yourself. Give it a Go and pick as many strawberries as you like. Of course you are more than welcome to taste a few.

1. Bring a basket along to help saving resources

you can also purchase baskets at the field

2. Open 7 days a week

during strawberry season

3. Find the nearest strawberry field here.

Have fun :)

Erdbeerland Funck is a family run and owned business. Our goal is to produce local fresh asparagus and luscious strawberries for the people within the region. This means, we grow, harvest and retail our products mainly by ourselves.

The People

„Erdbeerland Funck Family“: Peter Funck, Katharina Heckel-Funck, Alexander Seiler & Rebecca Funck

The Products

  • Strawberries
  • Asparagus 

Strawberry cultivation

We cultivate strawberries in 2 ways:

portable „green house“ & traditional

Strawberries: portable green house:

= Early bird production

Strawberry grow on hillocks underneath the portable greenhouse. They are additionally covered with a fleece to protect them from cold temperatures. Any work within these „tunnels“ is manual labour. Every plant is being planted by hand in June. The offshoots are removed in autumn. This enables the plant to gain strength for the upcoming year. In January the tunnels are built upon the strawberries and the old leaves are removed. The goal is to grow healthy plants in order to get big and tasty fruits, which are easy to harvest. When the temperatures start to raise, we have to air the tunnels daily to maintain a healthy climate within the green house.

The green house production is the „early bird“ production. This not only means that we are able to harvest the fruits really early within the year (approximately April) but mainly means, that we have to get up really early when the alarm goes off, because the temperatures may sink to below 0 degrees.

The most dangerous time is the flowering time. When the flowers are exposed to frost, we won’t be able to harvest anymore. Therefore, in every cold night, we have to get up and cover the flowers with a blanket (the fleece) to protect them from getting too cold.                                                                                     

We mainly grow the sort „Clery“ within the Erdbeerland Funck Company, as these fruits are really tasty and very steady.






Strawberries: Traditional cultivation

The second way of cultivation is the traditional way. The berries grow outside and we are able to harvest from mid May til the begin of June.

In Eisenberg, which is the hometown of the Erdbeerland, are mainly the late varieties of strawberries. We grow Asia, Christina, Flair and Sonate. These plants produce tasty fruits which are important for our retail way of direct marketing.





In Germany green asparagus is a new trend and not so well known yet. Traditionally germans prefer white asparagus, which is an intensive and expensive way of growing asparagus. The white asparagus is white because it grows underneath the soil.

The green aspargus grows outside, and changes its color from white to green as soon as it starts to produce Chlorophyll, which is a product from the process of photosynthesis. The green asparagus is a lot easier to pick, but also tastes completely different than white asparagus.
















White Asparagus – early bird method

To harvest white asparagus, we put a „little hill“ on top of the mother plant. This prevents the asparagus to start with the photosynthesis. To start an early harvest, we put a two colored plastic foil on top oft he asparagus hill. The foil is on the one side black and on the other side white. Depending on the temperature and sun intensivity, we change the sides of the foil to control quality and quantity oft he asparagus. This is not easy as often enough the weather changes contradictory to what was forecasted… - as you may know. We put up to three foils on top of the hills to increase the temperature oft he soil. This means that every hill functions like its own little green house. Asparagus must be harvested every day. No matter what temperature or weather it is. This is very strenuous work and also here, everything is pure manual labour.



Unlike the strawberries, asparagus is far from being ready for sale when it got picked. When the vegetable arrives in the packing shed, it still needs to be washed and sorted, as there are a variety of classifications for white asparagus. Although there are a few mashines helping us sorting, classifiying, packaging and peeling, still, most of it is manual labour.

Once the asparagus got classified, and packed it needs to be cooled down in order to stay fresh. Asparagus consists to 93% of water. Therefore, we have a special cooling system, which also sprinkles water to prevent the veggie from drying out.

For restaurants and catering services we also offer already peeled asparagus.

Unlike green asparagus, one needs to peel white asparagus as the skin is tough and needs

to be removed prior to cooking.











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